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whybe_bkgd_052005-2 Academic year and summer exchange programs
Every year about 8,000 students from around the world participate in Rotary’s Youth Exchange Programs, traveling to another country.

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High School students or recent high school graduates taking a gap year can spend an academic year attending high school in a foreign country and living with host families and seeing another part of the world.  Free room, board, tuition.  Rotary clubs just pay a monthly stipend for a high school year abroad.   Value: priceless!

Summer Exchange Brochure   Program Information  Application  
High School students spend a few weeks during the summer in a foreign country visiting with another family and seeing another part of the world. You visit another student in their country, live with their family and travel together for 2 or 3 weeks. Then both of you travel back to the states and the other student lives with you and your family and travel together for an equal amount of time. It is a true exchange and it’s our best kept secret!

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If this experience sounds like something you would like to learn more see Youth Exchange Letter 2016-2017 from Rotary’s Youth Exchange Officer Robin Hopes.  To learn more or to be considered for an exchange program, first contact Robin at or 978-400-6030 about the program you’re interested in.  The club will then decide to sponsor a particular student and the application process can begin.  You can also find out more by going to the ESSEX website

The ESSEX Committee – Rotary District 7910

 Marcia Davis, Chair | | (508) 883-3238

Jeanne Reimonn, Inbound Chair | | (508) 435-4359

Robin Hopes, Outbound Chair | | (978) 400-6030

Kevin Sullivan, Short-Term Chair | | (617) 529-1676