Rotary’s Dictionary Project Comes Full Circle


Along with winter festivities, December marked the time when every third grade student at an Acton-Boxborough elementary school received their very own personalized dictionary from the Rotary Club of Acton-Boxborough. For years, by partnering with the non profit the Dictionary Project, the Rotary Club gets personalized dictionaries into the hands of the 400+ third graders at the elementary schools in Acton-Boxborough.

The dictionaries are for the students to keep as their own personal reference books throughout their elementary school careers and perhaps beyond.

In one of our first years of introducing this project, the Rotary Club visited Acton-Boxborough elementary schools and handed out personalized dictionaries to the students. In one of those classrooms was a third grader named Mairin and fast forward years later Mairin aka Mrs. Gulliver is a third grade teacher at Conant School. This year when Rotarians came to Mrs. Gulliver’s class to hand out the dictionaries, she told them that she received her dictionary from Rotary Club of Acton-Boxborough when she was in 3rd grade and still has it!

The books are actually a lot more than a dictionary and include a section chock full of reference material. Included in the dictionary are:
— biographies of US Presidents
– the Declaration of Independence
– the US Constitution
–facts about the planets in the solar system
–maps of the seven continent
–information about countries and information about our 50 states
–weights and measures, various reference tables, calendars
–the alphabet in sign language and braille
–the world’s longest word, a 1909 letter chemical formula.

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